Creative People Create Designs

Creative People Create Designs

Ben Nguyen

Hi, my name is Benjamin Nguyen. I graduated High School in 2017. I graduated at Pittsburgh Technical College in October 2020 with an Associates Degree in Multi-Media Technologies. I am a quick learner and love what I have been doing here for the last two years. During my time here at PTC, I created many videos and learned so many things. I enjoy working in the live production industry and editing. I try my best during every situation and will take on any challenge. I'm very excited to get out into the industry and start doing what I love to do.

Explore my site to see what I can do and feel free to get in contact with me.


Video Resume

Achievements &
Work Experience

Work Experience

I have done work for many clients. Some of my clients include a jewelry store, a paintball company, Upwork, friends & family. I love what I do and more importantly, the people who I have worked for love the work I have produced.

F.A.M Trip

During my 4th quarter, August 2019, at Pittsburgh Technical College we got the opportunity to submit some of our work in a competition. Me and one other student were selected to go along with the the Hospitality Students to Boston, Massachusets in November 2019. While we were in Boston, we filmed and edited videos daily.


For the past few years I have worked with CE National. CE National puts on a conference every year with students to come a worship and do things in the community. While I was there, I filmed students doing activities and other things. We produced 2 to 3 minute videos everyday of recap videos of the previous days.